SNTUSD - Great long term hold, but currently overbought

BITTREX:SNTUSD   Status Network Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Based on the current surge, current RSI which is very high and the pattern which you can observe (increase/decrease wave + length of the wave) I am selling my SNT in order to buy more if it drops.
This is my first chart.
Komen: SNT has gone up a little bit more which means that if it drops in a similar way as previous drops, it will drop to a higher level than previously expected. I see the buy zone around 0.35$
@tannoniem, Great call, mate! It dropped even a bit below .35 Are you still convinced this is a "hold on to it" type of asset?
tannoniem stanpantel
@stanpantel, Hello Thanks for your reply! I am holding it. Short term it may drop a little bit further as I believe bitcoin will drop a bit further (see my other chart). Overall I think this is a nice project to invest in as it's a straightforward idea (good for new money) had a nice run up and it is showing strength by retaining some of the profits. I do not know if this project will outperform bitcoin. Another project I like is Civic, which also has a strong use case.
stanpantel tannoniem
@tannoniem, Thanks for sharing your point of view! I appreciate it!
I was thinking if SNT would decrease a bit further, but the current moment is tricky and I prefer to play it safe and keep it instead of risk for higher amount of it.
With regards to CVC, this is the 1st time my attention was directed there. Looks interesting though! I was looking at Virgo this morning and it looks like an interesting one also...
Stay in touch and gain your account value :)
stanpantel tannoniem
@tannoniem, just sharing an additional opininion on SNTUSD with you and the rest interested. Check here:
tannoniem stanpantel
@stanpantel, Hey, I'll have a look at Virgo. I think the Idea you posted here can be viable, but a lot of the timeframe depends on the bitcoin. I'm holding SNT right now. I'll consider selling once it is top 15.
stanpantel tannoniem
@tannoniem, Sounds, great! All of this :) All the best, mate!
yuch, the chart is impossible to read. sorry.
awesome chart! i appreciate it :) so when it's overbought, is there any chance that it still goes up a bit? or does it need to retrace. Some analysts feel it will continue in the channel up to around $.90
tannoniem SuperMario4
@SuperMario4, Hey, thanks for the feedback. Overall I think that it is certainly possible it goes higher, but I feel uncomfortable buying when a coin has already surged by so much in so little time.
kilobytez tannoniem
@tannoniem, the os app is rolling out this month, overbought is not an issue as it is heading towards $1
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