Worried about Tether? NO. You should be worried about Fiat

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The DOW is going parabolic and the dollar is undergoing hyperinflation. China and Russia are stocking up on Gold             and you should be with Crypto.

A US Stock Market Correction is coming - "We are in a really artificial situation. There is a new high, on average, every month. Feds around the world have been printing money" Robbins 02/2017

We've gone almost 9 years without a proper correction in the US stock market with global debt over 330% GDP. You worried about Tether printing money? You should be more worried about your fiat being manipulated by Feds.

This coming correction is going to make 2008 GFC look like peanuts. I'd hate to be a doomsayer but we all know the Correction is coming. All bear markets is followed by a bull in the last two centuries of American equities so it's not a permanent outlook but make sure you are able to capitalise on the dip.

Hedge with Crypto!

Apologies for not knowing so much about trading, but you're certain that Cryptos won't correct at the same time as the Equities markets? Is it possible that a "super crash" would be reflected in NYSE, Nasdaq, cryptos (since they seem to move together) and the value of the USD all at the same time? I watched Brexit rather than trading and was astonished how many markets dropped at the same time...
@bschumac, Good point. There may be a short term correlation with cryptos/gold/silver alongside the equities market as people panic sell BUT amongst all the different types of financial vehicles, these assets are the least intertwined with the USD and should recover
Once this correction happens, IMO I think they will be entering into Cryptos; preferably BTC.
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@dskp17, i agree!! BTCto hit 100k easily :)
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@dskp17, Bingo. The Feds are losing people's trust and respect. It's just a matter of time before most become fed up with their shenanigans and start taking their finances into their own hands.
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