SPX 15min next wave 4&5,retest neckline 2285 >> retest ATH 2304

FX:SPX500   Indeks S&P 500
Bear dvg MOM, RSI , MACD in 15 & 30 min chart, at this 2297 hit..... just a suggestion if this could happen. I know my EW-labeling is probably wrong ?, but it's just helpful to use...and learning.
Komen: When u do press update a couple times, an A-B-C waving appear in the right side of the chart...... That don't belong in the charting, they have just been forgotten there, and not deleted, before publ.idea.... tnx
Pesanan dibatalkan: It became much more sideways, and 3 tries 2297,7 , 2298 and 2299,3..with some low 2287... and then back down 2285 now , with a very nice long bull-wick-candle. But it's very hard now to know, if that was it. and not any new try for 2304....?
So a step back now, and monitore the hole and see, before we know what US manage today. We got those test's 2298 and 2285, but need to think about it further.
One positiv with 2285 now, got BULL dvg in MACD in 30min chart, but SPX shall go up against some resistance now.... b.c the drop 2299 > 2285.
Komen: He,he... didn't know why I typed "Order cancelled" b.c. I was just watching and monitoring, and neutral, how it should move these days now. And I'm still watching SPX..... waiting for a new tell, new signals.....

Update chart on those last days now, in comments down here... take a look.
Komen: update chart after close and aftermarked, down in comments there.... :)
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Yes, indeed it reached 2304, and above >> 2309,3.... so I had to press "target reached" as a sign that I feel it did forfill the expectence in the end.
And maybe make a new idea after the next sign's we get out of this now....
New updated chart in comments down here, take a look :)
BEAR dvg now at this top 2309,3 at fib.ext 1,618 = 2308,4....... maybe it looks like it need some release to the downside now ?

update after close and aftermarked..... up in a rising wedge, some bear dvg in MOM now 30min

In last hour US, it did manage up to fib 0,618 ca 2294,6 , so far..... It's building some HIDDEN BEAR dvg here now, in MOM & MACD, so I'm excited about how the last 30min will close in today.

Good evenning, the strategy is ok, This Index and FDax will Go Down Tomorrow, EUR up ... my Goalkeeper!
skrotkalle reini731
@reini731, tnx.... will be interesting, while DAX didn't followed SPX friday late evening..... :D
is a good work
skrotkalle Machanguilla
@Machanguilla, tnx man..... hope it pays off, by moving in a kind same direction :D
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