FX:SPX500   Indeks S&P 500
Dilihat 114 kali
114 1
Let's see if the triangle plays out and the breakout takes place to the upside, for what could be the final wave up.

For the last hour of the session, a bullish engulfing would help...
Instead of a triangle, the market decided to print what looks to me as a double zigzag for the 4th wave, keeping the alternation with the Flat+Zigzag combination of the 2nd wave.

So now my target for the 5th wave is around 2406/7, touching the middle of the 2-4 channel.

After that, we'll see if we get a strong impulse to complete an expanded flat, or if we get a zigzag or double zigzag for wave C of a triangle, or if we get something else. A triangle could be the most bearish scenario, as I posted in the "A more concerning perspective" idea.

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