STEEM UPDATE: Preliminary Support Changed after...

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Preliminary Support Changed once I took a closer look after watching us ride along this lower Accumulation Channel. Disregard previous Publishing on STEEM regarding PS. I believe it took them a while to establish PS and I've explained in the Text Bubbles.

I hope this one does a Double Breakout like many other coins. Time will tell.

Added Abbreviations for those who may need them:

So this made a good move, but it is staying within the accumulation channel that you defined. I still think STEEM will go much higher. Are you thinking similarly? - Leo
@cicconi, Yes, it's just THIS ONE is a slow mover....
@cicconi, There are times it will up thrust all of a sudden..

Just have to be in to not miss it. Kind of a sit and hold

I don't swing trade this one. Better ones to swing.
cicconi ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, Good deal, thanks :) this is definitely a good one hold, and I have the time!
@cicconi, Just bear in mind that is my opinion. I'm not responsible for any gains and/or losses from anyone's decisions they make off of my analysis. I give my thoughts and leave it up to others to gather everything they can on the subject at hand before making their own decision.

ProwdClown ProwdClown
@ProwdClown, The subject at hand, being, a trade of some sort; whether buy, sell , hold, etc...
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