STRAT: To the Magnetosphere?

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Stratis is testing the upwards bounds of resistance. Good time to get involved.

The chart uses 7, 77 and 231 MA. Gann fans positioned at the intersection of 7 and 77 moving average crosses down to the low form a long term story of the "magnetism" or momentum of the price action. Is Stratis going to the magnetosphere? This is quite possible. However, if Bitcoin gets to $25,000 then Stratis must be valued at ~$80 to have a 0.0034 price in terms of BTC , which is the former high. To put this in perspective, that would be about a 500% gain from current price level.

The chart's price action has been responding greatly to the red resistance lines in a downward direction. However, this resistance downwards is becoming weak. A 7/77 MA breakout on 12/16/2017 marks a bottom, or close to it. Contrary to the increasing support trend for Stratis, I believe prices will remain low - relative to its former highs - until reaching a breakout of top level resistance at around the 0.00154 BTC price range. However, a break out to bull trend is imaginable in the near term.

Beyond TA:

Stratis is a great company with very large upside potential, especially considering the competition. NEO is often considered it's most formidable competitor. Furthermore, both NEO and Stratis employ C# blockchain based solutions for enterprise startup level needs. They also have similar methodology in achieving consensus. The greatest difference between these two - and the reason why I think there is a large difference in market cap - is the ambition of these two blockchain companies.

NEO is seen as having much greater upside potential as their goal is to provide, "infrastructure for the intelligent economy of the future." On the other hand, Stratis is much more micro-level - or pragmatic as some would say - as they wish, "simple and affordable end-to-end solutions for development, testing and deployment of native C# blockchain applications on the .Net framework."

However, I see these two cryptocurrenies being in a similar boat. This is to say that blockchain as service wish to provide the infrastructure for upgrading/developing working blockchain solutions on an enterprise scale. Unlike NEO, it is Stratis which has not had a glory moment in the Sun; on the light side of the Moon. This moment will come for STRATBTC when companies discover that blockchain technology will massively lower overhead and increase efficiency. We see this happening at present, with Stratis' platform having been delivered on schedule in December, and in the general market trends.

The question is, "will companies want to employ turn-key blockchain services or to build and host their own?" That is answered first an foremost by Stratis with the catchphrase of, "Stratis: We make blockchain easy for you." Damn good...

What I envision for the next cycle of Stratis' price action -- and for many more cycles to come -- is for enterprises to begin putting the Stratis platform to use, the Stratis mobile beta product to work fluidly, the TumbleBit exchange and Breeze Wallet to gain mass use and for Stratis' Academy to gain traction in the blockchain development community. Each one of these events will drive the value of Stratis' platform much higher in terms of BTC and much-much-much greater in terms of USD.

Ask yourself, "If I was intent on creating and using my own blockchain, how would I go about doing this?" Now, will companies and entrepreneurs will be using distributed ledgers more or less often forward? I say a larger amount, which is the same opinion I have for the price of Stratis in terms of BTC going forward.

Stratis may be a GREAT gainer of 2018, or later on; but if this project continues as planned it will be a great investment into the horizon.

I do not know of what I speak. Never use this as investment advice because I am insane and unable to string together coherent thought. Ignore this.
Komen: We broke above the resistance trend line at about 0.001 from the time I made this chart. If price remains above the 0.0012 level, this is set to go higher. I would set buy orders here, if not buy at market if you have not yet.
Dagangan aktif: Still a chance to get in here.
First time I see someone using lines instead of candles
Sveins Monstar
@Monstar, lines are more clearer to see the trendlines mm the coin is rising nn candles. to much tangle in the chart
+1 Balas
jbieb448 Monstar
@Monstar, check it out!
+1 Balas
jbieb448 jbieb448
@jbieb448, same gann fan. I added the Fib levels.
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