STRAT/BTC 2 Hypothesis. Technical / Fundamental analysis.

POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
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Here's where we're at.

We've been seeing a continual downward trend ever since the bullish run we had a few weeks ago. For the past 7 days we've been seeing the longs getting shaken out and some pretty strong selling. Past 48 hrs the decline has sharpened. But what is confusing about all of this is the real solid fundamentals of the coin. STRAT, from what I can gather, has a good road map and their wallet will be released shortly towards the end of the month. So that leaves us with two hypothesis. It'll either go up or go down. Haha.. ok but really. Let me explain.

Hypo 1:
The big boys come back in and drive price higher after release of news, road map updates and wallet release causing us to go higher and break through resistance. This to me is the most likely. With a lot of investments that I make in the crypto world fundamentals means a lot. If its a poor team developing a coin it'll just pump and dump. To me this one seems promising.

Hypo 2:
The selling continues as people get scared that bought in on the second big leg up. A lot of profits have already been taken off the table. If we break through .0022 it could get ugly and I wouldn't really go long until you've seen enough stabilization and a floor being set. If you're already long I'd hold. If you're considering buying I'd monitor this closely and see how much lower we're going to go. DO NOT GUESS THE BOTTOM.

Best of luck to everyone. This is for educational purposes only and the statements made should not be taken as fact.
Thanks for the supported analysis.
Hypo 3: What is really happening, a bot is dropping the price and the lower it drops it the more people get scared and sell there currency allowing it to take more and more for cheaper and cheaper. Once the bot owner has been satisfied they will make little purchases cancelling its own stacks and appear to make it look as if the trend is heading upward and then it will let it's stranglehold on the price go and allow the market to head where it should already be heading and then sell you back your own currency later. Stop feeding the bot idiots.
orangejuice Slayerepoch
@Slayerepoch, how are you sure it's a bot? Guess? If it's a guess you shouldn't say it's what is really happening. Do you agree?
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