STR Ready to Launch

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
STR is ready for a nice pump. I expect it on Sunday, April 23rd, after the french election.

Entry: 265-300.

TP1: 380.
TP2: 450.
TP3: 600.

Stop-loss: 250.

Risk/Reward: 2.4:1.

This idea is a continuation of the following one:

Good luck.

Disclaimer: As usual, this is not a perfect prediction. Don't put all of your money into it. If you don't know how much to put, you can learn how to hedge properly by using common sense and a search engine. I will be posting updates as I have been doing in my previous posts.
Dagangan aktif: STR doing pretty good!

Dagangan aktif: STR hit the first support and now it's about to bounce to continue up.

Dagangan aktif: Launching pad (triangle) set.

Dagangan aktif: Looking good.

Dagangan aktif: STR launchpad ready.

Dagangan aktif: BOOM!

Launchpad worked. I'm not sure if STR will break this resistance, but if it does, I expect it to launch all the way to 600 sat.

Dagangan aktif: STR has now reached a new resistance at a FIB retracement line.

I'm going to sell here, take some profits, and see if it goes down to 360 (last fan resistance, now support) so I buy back in again.

Dagangan aktif: If you were following the updates on the Telegram group, you would have bought back in before this pump.

Let's see what happens now.
Dagangan aktif: BitNess showed up. What is it gonna do?

Komen: I think STR is about to get pumped by BitNess.
Dagangan aktif: It dumped but it's already breaking up from this descending broadening wedge. Comeback soon to finish forming the handle.
Dagangan aktif: Handle almost complete :)

Dagangan aktif: We're having a huge pump and it's approaching to the top. Sell between 820-880 sat. Good luck!

Dagangan aktif: Right after touching the resistance, STR dumped. But the dump is over, according to this Bullish Bat Pattern.

Dagangan aktif: Stellar has found a new companion for its trip to the moon. We're almost at breakout.

Dagangan aktif: This trade is closed. I didn't sell the top but got excellent profits from it. Sell now if you haven't yet and enjoy them! Will update soon with a chart.
Dagangan aktif: Trade opened again. We're going to the moon a second time :)

what price should we buy at ?
CoinMajesty Ahmedabdelmonsef
+1 Balas
Ahmedabdelmonsef CoinMajesty
@jsburgos, there is a huge amount of str are selling now . will str pass all of this ?
Hello! Please tell us the forecasts for STR?
@Den78, done :)
+1 Balas
I'm afraid the price is terrible.Would it be okay if I keep this?Hasn't the goal changed?
@bangmst1, it hasn't changed. Check out the last update.
Once it hits your target point of 380. Whats a good number to buy back in?
CoinMajesty AmazinRaisin
dom_santiago CoinMajesty
@jsburgos, tp 2 still at 450?
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