¿Stellar price to follow Ripple recent pump?

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
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STRBTC is the tycker symbol for the trading pair "Stellar" against bitcoin .

Stellar is a platform originally forked from Ripple consensus protocol that allows you to send instant fiat transactions worlwide thanks to a decentralized network of servers and trusted anchors that honor the fiat balances.

You can read the basics of Stellar in their site, here.

Here there is a closer look of the same chart in daily

Reasons to support a long in strbtc pair:
  • Long old trendline crossed up (needs weekly close above 205 to confirm)
  • Weekly and monthly MACD crossed bullish
  • MA bullish cross on daily (21, 44)
  • EMA bullish cross on weekly (5, 8)
  • Strong correlation with Ripple ( xrpbtc )

Here you have a chart showing the strong correlation between Ripple ( xrpbtc ) and Stellar ( strbtc )

Check related ideas for @Intuit Elliot Wave analysis of strbtc

I have already bought 228 and 222, and I have orders all the way down to 200.

Main and first target, ~365 resistance area . Second and ultimate target, ~520.

Stop loss would be a weekly close again under the broken trendline .
Komen: I did a small mistake. I meant to use 55 MA, and not 44.
Still the bullish cross has happened there too.

Komen: Just closed 50% 367.
It certainly seems to be heading to next resistance, but i'm always cautious with this "bubbles" and i'm making nice profits with this approach.
Komen: Alt season seems to be over, so i'm watching this carefully. Alts will dump with no mercy, so i'd say any long, much more is leveraged, in altcoins is ultra risky.

As we reached that oversold zone, and printed a nice bull hidden div, just went we tested that trendline, i do expect a strong bounce.

To reduce risks and lock in profits, i will set a sell order for half of the remaining position, that is to say, 25% of original position at 330.

The remaining 25% i will try to look for the second resistance, around 520.
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai:
Got stopped at ~255 for the remaining 50% of position (the first 50% was closed at 367 target), meaning a 37.6% net profit against btc.
Komen: NET profit in btc calculations
50% closed at 367
50% closed at 255
Total net profit 31.2+6.4=37.6%
Komen: Stellar went nuts. Unluckily i exited this trade 1 month ago. It is the power of long term descending triangles breakouts :D
You says "Alt season seems to be over, so i'm watching this carefully." Why you think that? As far as i see alts not dumped so much despite of btc increase. If btc go back around 1k (and it will because no SEgwit in next months and some ppl still think BTU can happen) alts will go up again.
Btw for example MAID and FCT has huge bull patterns so I think alts not dead yet...;)
bagofXMR CoinDreamer
@CoinDreamer, Yup, there are some alts that still have to pump. And that altseason is over doesn't mean ANY alt cannot pump. It means that "all alts pumping" for no reason, won't keep happening.

Check this chart of 12 alts against usd. Most seem to have peaked and aren't going to make new highs in a long time.

bagofXMR CoinDreamer
@CoinDreamer, As you can see, they all pumped in the same period of time after gaving relatively flat charts till they started pumping. That was a "group effect", once dash and ETH started pumping, the seoson was started, and it makes sense that it finish with both of them retracing, something that is happening as we speak.
bagofXMR bagofXMR
@bagofXMR, Horrible spelling and sentence structure lol :joy:
But i guess you can get my point.
CoinDreamer bagofXMR
@bagofXMR, Yes, thank you for the explain. I think you are right..however hard to accept. I loved alts pumping..:) Need more targeted trading from now..
The price spiked just after your publication xD waiting for a dip to join, 0% loaded so far :(
bagofXMR etiennez0r
@etiennez0r, That was really weird. I got filled while writing the idea for 2 btc, had 2 more btc spreaded at lower orders, and it started flying 10 min after i made the idea public!!
@bagofXMR, When i read your post inmediately put orders down till 200, no one got filled. needed some fomo to buy market at the moment.. gonna wait till tomorrow for a dip xD
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