Syscoin to the moon on Blockmarket release news. 140% increase

POLONIEX:SYSBTC   Syscoin / Bitcoin
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Looking for 10k syscoin price to be reached within the next week. Syscoin to the moon.
Komen: a more conservative estimate for sys is 10k by june 12th though, which is right around when they will be releasing blockmarket web if i'm not mistaken. Either way, looking for that 10k top before consolidation.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Success. less than 50 sats off. 9800 Reached.
Hey man, updated chart on syscoin now? Would love to see that. Ive eben thinking of getting some
ajdourgarian ampatrick4
@ampatrick4, @oneEyedJack I don't really have a good idea about where it is headed right now. I think that it has finished pumping and will continue to float downward until next alt season. MAYBE it will get back up to 6k, but I am not convinced. Will be looking for a bottom around 2000 - 2500 sats in the next 6 months before starting the cycle over again. It is definitely a good project and I think it will pump just as hard next season and will continue to be a great long term investment. Right now I am focused on other alts which I will be posting charts for soon(assuming they continue to behave the way I expect them to): BLK, ARDR, EXP, XEM, NXT. Feel free to subscribe if you haven't already and check them out once they are posted (:
ampatrick4 ajdourgarian
@ajdourgarian, Expanse chart would be great! I was thinking about investing in some tonight.. Should I pull the trigger?
ajdourgarian ampatrick4
@ampatrick4, It is a little risky because of how illiquid it is, but I think the chart looks good for possibly another 2x move from here. Worth a small trade.
ampatrick4 ajdourgarian
@ajdourgarian, I actually picked up some lumens tonight, and I still have synereo from last night. Both I think will do good tomorrow.
Damn! *Spot on*. What kind of action do you expect now?
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