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The abcde correction we had in TLT is a Wolfe wave , the trend should resume to the downside.

Given a very strong anti-correlation between the dollar and the treasuries over the last 2 years I expect a huge sell-off in Bonds and a giant spike in the Dollar. I've been waiting for this for quite some time and now it seems to start coming our way.

Stocks are making the last high, soon they will realize that bonds crashing may not be such a good thing.
sell off of bonds 3 days in a row, and eurusd rises 3 days in a row, the correlation you expect is completely inverted, it does not smell good :S
and meanwhile, eur keeps rising ....
any update ? are we still waiting for something that will never happen ? at a moment or another we will have to accept that nothing will happen. i'm so disappointed with eurjpy, i was hearing rumours of a spectacular drop soon but absolutely nothing .... :'(
not convincing at all for the moment :'(
what is the move magnitude you expect on euro bund futures ?
AndyM lapin_eliott
@lapin_eliott, no idea
Love your EW analysis. Please keep them coming. Great work!
AndyM glennmercer
@glennmercer, thanks ) something big is coming, all instruments are getting aligned for a big move. Let's see if the whole thing works out.
Tarder AndyM
@AndyM, I've commented to you before that only war will bring about this collapse. More North Korea headlines tonight, so the hoax WW3 could be coming soon, but then they keep on with the fake North Korea news and then it dies down and nothing. The hoax war has to come, but it's a question of when. How many more fake missiles will they pretend to launch before something has to be seen to be done? Order Out of Chaos must take place... stock market collapse, housing market collapse, some currencies will tank, and crytocurrencies may collapse.
update, we may see one last spike in bonds today, w5 of an ending wedge. EUR is trying to spike in a correction as stocks begin the sell-off.
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