TRX potential 7000sato ath then huge correction

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I found a potential repetitive patern.
The first 148% pump had a 56% correction
The second 958% pump had a 61% correction
The third 365% had a 63% correction

Theses correction happens every 14/15 days so i expect 2 possibilies for TRX :
-Or he will stay around the 800 to 1300 area for something like 7 to 10 days then pump to his new ath . The 800 support is massive, he broke it one time but recover it in a minute.
-Or he will slowly growing with less aggresivity

Anyway i see a correction bigger than before as the charts show us. In order 56%, then 61%, then 63%, the next one can be 65% or maybe 70% and probably happens around the 18 to 20 of january so i expect him to grow till this date.

PS: Please anyone can tell me how to put multiple scale on a graph ? For exemple make that 20 to 80 sato big and 80 to 420 small to see well what is happening. Thanks

Enjoy your trade
Komen: After reviewing it's clearly too high Lél and 7k is not possibel as fast. But i expect him to redraw this pattern and a 180 to 200% upswing in 2 week is far more possible.
Thats toooooooooooooooooo much unlikely....
pepsicok shails840
@shails840, Clearly, 7k sato is too much but i expect him to repeat this patern
You mean a log scale?
pepsicok AkameMurasame
@AkameMurasame, Yeah that probably the name but i tried to do domething whith taht but dont get it how to do what i want to do
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