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Love to short/put TSLA when the irrational exhuberence is at its peak on this dog. Great product but lousy stock that continues to attract "investors" due to its coolness factor. We term them cool hype runner (IPO's). When the market turns down again and this mo stops I'll be buying weelkie puts. Some thursday/fridays they are cheap and quadruple or more if one gets the timing right on the down move of the stock. Can pick up the puts pretty cheap at the end of a hypebolic move upward. Will start to look short here at the 50% fib retrace..caution: do your own due diligence. If it goes back to 240 ..all the better..the short term indicators are all bullish at this point but the 50% retrace line had a nice short scalp pullback ..will watch closely here. TSLA had a beautiful GMMA classic pattern it should of. Their batteriies are outdated (2004) technology..the mega factory is mini at this point etc...they continue to underachieve and roll back delivery dates..lose how many thousands per car?
Komen: Yup could of made out like a royal bandit with the puts.....quadripled this morn and did well yesterday as well
Komen: Theres the cool hype runner exhuberencd..peaking around the unveiling of the model 3. Good put ops were found at the 240 and 250 fade. TSLA is going to need to raise 3 billion just to get to the end of offering more shares...which is going to dilute roughly 10% the co...tsk tsk tsk The reception of the model 3 is good but the X is viewed at unattractive plagued w problems and already many are calling for a complete refresh before it even substanially hits the market.. severe challenges for them looking forward...Put ops...will continue to open up
Komen: I think there was a quadrupling intraday on the weekly near the money puts. Those I will looking for. Even on the pop of model 3 unveiling the price dropped $10 from the open...skyrocketing those puts intraday.
Komen: You know Musk is in his second divorce from the same wife. He's said he may only be with the company till its up and running. A couple obtuse things to add tot he mix.
Komen: still just a cool hype runner to me..the further it goes the better..I'll be waiting
Komen: cant underestimate irrational exhuberence...I'm still shadowing this..I'm seeing 5 wave impulse up here at resis..usually leads to exhaustion/probing/recommittment to a trend...should be interesting
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