Educational purpose about why we need Analysis before Strategy

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Hi Traders,

This is pure for educational. also purely based on my opinion and experienced (different trader have different opinion and experienced)
I'm using USDCAD             as an example.
Many people love to learn strategy, hard strategy and advanced strategy. but most of them did not interested about the basic things about chart analyze.

This Chart shows how i differentiate Impulse(trend) with retracement(correction).
Impulse usualy have sharp move in short time period, but retracement tend to move slowly bit by bit.
So I consider The Left Yellow block is Impulse and The right Yellow Block is Retracement.
This is the basic analysis.
After i complete my analysis, the strategy comes next. Strategy is based on what kind of trader are you.
So thats why many investment institution can always think and act the same way. because most of them can differentiate what is impulse and what is retracement that what we call "Analysis"

Why is the analysis is almost the same for every financial institution? because how human act is not much different from 100 years ago and always make a pattern.

As you can see.with 1 analysis i can make 4 types of strategy to enter the market. For me, analysis first than strategy comes next.
What do you think Traders?

Please like if you think this is somehow useful for you.

Good Luck and Trade Wisely
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