USDCHF Confluence Trading/ Advance Pattern Opportunities

FX_IDC:USDCHF   Dolar U.S./Franc Swiss
Overall in a bullish trend , we have some price rejection @ .98293, a strong resistance level . We have a few opportunities to capitalize on minimal risk trades above that resistance level to the downside.

1. I have a ABCD pattern with a D completion @ .99170's giving us a 1:1 market ratio move.

2. We have a Gartley pattern completion in the same area that completes our ABCD pattern giving us a nice confluence area.

3. In order for the larger Gartley pattern to remain valid we need our C leg to terminate anywhere in between the .382 and the .886 Fibonacci level of our A-B move. The highlighted box is also the highest level the C leg can go to keep the larger pattern valid. The .886 level adds another confluence to our target area, validating every pattern shown.