USDCNH: Short, in case you were in doubt...

FX:USDCNH   U.S. Dollar/Chinese Yuan
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We have a very clear short setup in USDCNH (or a long in CNHUSD ).
I include the CNHUSD or 1/USDCNH (inverse) to help you see why it's useless to do this type of exercise before taking a trade.
I'm already short from last night but after seeing today's close and a new low right now, I think it's fairly safe to enter shorts in this pair, with stops above 6.50377.
You can see how the options expirations support and resistance lines serve as a map, which when aided with price action analysis, can tell you wether the pair will move up or down, or how far it might go. This is because price action surrounding options expirations dates is very significant and is a time when most people focus on the market.

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Ivan Labrie.
Dagangan aktif
Komen: Good progress.
Komen: Short is acting well but it must hit 6.4581 before the daily close to confirm the downside momentum, otherwise it might consolidate some more.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: I'm out, price action nullified this setup.

The downtrend failed, buyers are in control, we can go long with stops under today's low.
Good Idea! I'm long since Friday. My main-target is also like your higher one ;-)

Have a nice week!
IvanLabrie robtrading
Excellent Rob!
Seems like we're in for a good run.
IvanLabrie williamlau
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