Trend continuation VS Trend reversal pattern

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Although both patterns formation is quite same.

1. Ascending broadening wedge ( Trend reversal pattern )
2. Expanding triangle ( Trend continuation pattern )

Ascending broadening wedge forms with the divergence. If 1st impulse is sharp then it gives signal that trend is going to reverse.

Expanding triangle forms most of the time against the divergence. If expanding triangle forms corrective wave at top then it gives signal that price is going to continue with the previous trend.
Komen: I hope this example will help much better. Expanding triangle. (Trend continuation pattern )
Komen: I hope this example will help much better. Ascending broadening wedge. ( Trend reversal pattern )

Komen: ascending broadening wedge with divergence.
Komen: This idea is based on my understanding of markets and you can agree or disagree with it you have full right to agree or disagree mate.
Can you please post the macd for the Expanding triangle (Trend continuation pattern ) chart similar to the macd chart for ascending broadening wedge with divergence.
AmitKumareb AmitKumareb
I want the the chart for " Expanding triangle forms most of the time against the divergence" just like the one posted for "ascending broadening wedge with divergence."
Thanks in advance.
thanks a lot for your sharing. I am a new trader, is my understanding right, that the corrective wave will lead to reversal trend and impulsive wave to countinuation? another question, how to identify the asending wave is corrective or impulsive, do 3 waves means corrective wave, 5 waves means impulsive wave?
Can someone explain, why wedges lead to revearsals and triangles lead to continuation? What is the psycholgical background, that traders don´t trust in continuation when wedge occurs and believe in contuation though price reverses to support several times. To me it seems more logic that a wedge, which has rising lows and highs looks like continuation. I know the fact, but I don´ understand, why it works.
Great informative post. Thank you bro.
hey mate thanks for educational material its really good n useful. I learned alot from you

can you check my chart and give some thoughts on it thnx

@theodor87, that is really possible and look at your third wave it is against the indicator your indicator pointing that price is overbought and may be oversold in next couple or hours but you are expecting that price gonna rise so there is conflict with your count and with your structure and counting ya. so always try to count your waves with the indication dont go against the indication and your structure and patterns must also be with the indications. here price can come down and retest your lower trend line and then may rise as your indicator showing and if you buy from current price level then your stop loss no gonna be reasonable you will use stop loss out side the lower trend line which is safe but huge and no gonna be good enough for your risk reward ratio ya. so use combination of all of these things for better understanding of the chart and price movement. i hope this small tip will change your style of trading mate.
theodor87 Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, ok, thanks mate once again for advice and for free information I really appreciate.
@theodor87, My pleasure mate.
welldone imran bhai
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