USDTRY: Time at mode long setup after elections shock

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Simple setup on chart, if it were to fail, then we would have to rejoin the short side.
Good luck if you take this one.

I'll be hosting a webinar tomorrow in preparation for the ECB speech, I'll post the link here and on my EURUSD and USDCHF charts. Stay tuned.

If you want live updates and more information, make sure to contact me via pm or skype. I provide signals for auto trading. I'm also providing access to a live trading chatroom where we give education to traders, as well as discussing the positions we're in.
All of these are free of charge for concordbay.com customers.


Ivan Labrie
Time at Mode FX
Analyst at Concord Bay dot com
Dagangan aktif
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: 1.5%, initial risk was 1%.

Komen: Target not hit in time, monitoring for bearish resolution in larger timeframes.
Komen: 4h had a nice signal, 1h failed though.
We had a new signal but I didn't take it. Looking to short the top.
Komen: Really, really slow, but getting there.
i think it will good moment to short near 2.95. and i have fibo 0.61https://www.
I'd be careful...the advance is too vertical.
Better wait.
Super slow, would have been a killer trade. Oh well...
If it fails to reach the target in time we can short it.
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yess it was very nice. what do u think about next target?
It looks bearish in the bigger picture.
I'd hit the target and flip short honestly.
See my longer timeframe "Multiple dollar pairs..." publication.
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aman... IvanLabrie
super. thks!
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DavidSayli IvanLabrie
BOTAS will pay $17 billion to GAZPROM end of this year. That's why we may see a rise to 3.07 again and of this year.
you're cool
I am old, I do not have time for you.
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Ivan thank you.
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