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Big Hooley on the horizon. With most dudes wanting...no needing a higher price, all the Hodads are working overtime to help the cause. But the smell is bad, there could be a red tide coming. Just be careful of this current set. Looks like a Teahupoo too me. Not for the paddlepuss on foam, big board conditions.

How many working dudes need oil higher to keep their job? How many business dudes need oil higher to save the shack? How many government turds need oil higher to keep their Throne?? How many Lotto players are beating long on the next scratch card?

But our diet keeps going down. Some are on a cleaner & healthier trend, substituting the oily stuff with green stuff.... but most are just running out of coin to buy it or use it. Even if the tank is full, there is no need to cruse to the Sugar Shack if you can't afford the Sunshine Special.

All of these dudes are trying to push the rope, but the homies can't buy that many tacos to boost the price of grease or flower. Too many brother's need a dime. I do not see these high waterlines holding for long, unless a one of the self-proclaimed great Lord's has a warrior fly too close to sun and start a war. The Saudi King still controls the game for now. But the Russian bear can only hold its power & honey pot if the price goes up... Otherwise that forest will be on fire. The Panda has it's on game to play.. but it rules it's forest easier. A few thousand years of eating bamboo will do that. As for those Canadian woods... Will be used to push the agenda, but real impact will be minimal and could a trigger to put in the short. Hell I suspect Smoky is way long,... Hmm if so, who could have dropped the blunt that started this blaze?

Krümel is back for a walkabout and watching the horizon..there is a big short ride is out there. Last set paid for my Rancho. This one could pay for my Woody. Be safe..
Komen: Thought I was done for the day... But Wow, that wick is thick... We haven't seen this since 1/5/2016, and it was a great indicator of the followed 25% fall.

This comes just days after the evening star on 4/29. As much as I hate starting a heavy short on any Friday, you need to catch a quick 8%+ if you plan on riding the full trip. My biggest concern is the Canadian smoke screen... Lots of Bennys need to stay above $40 to keep the show open.

This looks like a classic shooting star... Or a falling star in this case.

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