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Waiting to long
Dagangan aktif:
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai
China oil future opened at CNY440/lot.
Komen: Remark:1lot for CN oil is 1barrel
Komen: compared with the NYMEX Contract in Sep., the premium is about cny30/barrel.
Komen: Revised, 1 std. lot is 1000barrels
Dagangan aktif: try to Short from here 70.9-71.2
Komen: we did shorted from 70.7 on Monday, already reached tp 68.3 n took profits for 200+ pips on Tue.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: closed, wait for 72

Idea Berkaitan

faylee mengenai USOIL 46
any chance you could start a new thread @faylee ?
short from 70.9-71.2; target <$60 ?
Hi @faylee, given the recent rally in oil, would greatly appreciate your updated short-term view on oil. Has the price reached close to your targets/resistance levels for this wave? Thanks in advance!
@trding126 @Faylee, are we at or near 'C' in ABCDE pattern now, can we expect to go lower 'D' within the next month or so? Thanks for you updates. F
@faronf, I found this chart that @faylee posted in Oct 2017. It is still working so far. The question is whether we are close to completing wave (iii) now, or if the 58 area was wave (iv), and we are starting wave (v) already. I am thinking we are still completing wave (iii). Hope @faylee will share her updated thoughts on this.

faronf trding126
@trding126, I like it ;) I think this too looks accurate and yes agree we should be in (iii) still. Seems to line up with the timeline IMO and the other factor is WTI has yet to print a YCL or ACL (yearly or Annual cycle low),usually 10 mos time frame puts us in that timing band...(last summer was WTI YCL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=App6Wb_iuSc
faronf faronf
@faronf, WTIUSD YCL would have been June 19th, 10 mos(=now) puts us in the timing band to seek out a YCL 4 sure; I'd say given Faylee's chart; we should expect maybe one last pump and some day to day volatility on top before a pull back to mid 50's in WTI.
we all await another target from the master. (insert bow here)
Queen Faylee, would you please post your update on WTI prior to market opening.. thank you so much..
Hi @faylee. can you please share your long-term view of oil when you have the chance? Thanks.
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