NEW WBA Trade!

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I recently published a trade on WBA and in that idea (Linked below), I had expressed that I was seeing some signs to buy at the 81.80-82.50 level however those conditions were not met by the time price reached that level. I did not buy at 81.80-82.50 because I did not feel the down move was over yet. I am still not quite sure that the down move is over however I had a good entry opportunity at $80.80.

I entered this trade due to a bullish engulfing candle and multiple closes outside of the Bollinger Bands . unfortunately I was a little late on publishing this one but I am trading options on this ticker and looking to sell those at 82.50-83.00 level unless I see a new trend beginning. if I believe a new uptrend is beginning then I will be trailing stops a very specific way (derived from back testing)

I entered on the Candle highlighted in yellow on the chart. I apologize for the lack of detail on this idea, normally I list all my reasons for entry along with pictures however this entry was based on a strategy that is a little complicated to explain. I will be looking to do some tutorials on these strategies upon request so please let me know if you are interested in any of these strategies on the comments section below.

Target 1- 82.50
Target 2- 84.00 with trailing stops

Good luck trading, I will be publishing more trading opportunities and ideas over the next couple days, thank you!
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Hey traders, Target 1 has been reached at $82.50. Now I will be trailing stops and looking for Target 2 around the $83.50-$84.00 level. I trade options on this ticker so I do not have a traditional stop however I do have rules for exiting.
Target 1 has been reached and now I will look to exit near break even if the price fails to reach target 2 and gets back down to the $80.50-$81.00 price level.
if price does not fall below $81.00 and breaks above 83.10, I will roll stops (rules based exit) to just below $82.00. I hope these trading examples have been useful. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need me to clarify something. Thank you and good luck trading!
Komen: Awaiting Target 2 at $83.50-$84.00 price level with mental stops at break even. I put profits in the bank with target 1, Now we are in what some traders call a "risk free trade". Lets see if this turns out to be a new trend or if this is a temporary bounce. I believe this is the start of another bullish move on WBA.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Target 2 was reached on WBA! Target 2 was filled by a long wick at $84.00 (Shown on Chart below)

This was another great WBA trade!
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