Meet WEAT again after the wash.

Do you remember how I got flushed down the toilet with my Weat trade?
Well, here's another one - hopefully I don't have to deep dive again...

Let's see if we can make something out of it.

No, not entering immediately...there's a GAP that scares me to go long.
Patience jung Padavan §8-)

First I'l observe, how price behave down here at the centerline.

Komen: Price is above the CL.
If it can hold this ground, then we potentially see a new leg to the upside.

Komen: Here you see, that price pushed below the centerline, and came back again, just to test/retest it from the upper side.

For most traders this movements are very confusing.
But if you just follow the rules, you know what to lean on and make money following the >80% probability with ForkTrading.

Prepairing this guy for a long entry next week after the holiday.


Hey yo, nice hit on this one!

Any idea whats going on with Wheat now? this has been an extended down and wonder whether the recent moves indicate a recovery, any thoughts?
What do you make of JO (coffee)? Lower then reverse? Thanks for sharing.
forker millie
@millie, just4you ;-)

Here's the monthly endless future.
Price could jump off the centerline - just a quick idea, nothing more...

May be we can reach the 7.80 if this come to be alive!

P.S : " Patience jung Padavan " ?? " Patience, jeune Padawan ,, :P
@Bo ...another try ;-)
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