What is the hike doing - Euro, DXY Vs. heavy metal

On chart. This is not a buying signal, ok?
We don't know how this is playing out but looks like President Trump risks his career for some targets. The best hedging manager I've ever seen. He has some real people's supporting from blue collars, farmers, militaries, also he's an president elected by law. It's not so easy to drag him down from the iron throne with real people's supporting.
Think about those Americans have invested the heavy metals from 2011 to 2017, their patiences are already out of service... from this huge crazy stagflation and indexes rising forever...
Komen: To be clear, I'm not calling the top of indexes on contrary, I'm calling the final meal of the indexes. We should have historical highs in 2 years before the global indexes crashing with some housing credit crisis, guess where... we'll see.
Komen: According to the CME market, the US bonds future is showing 87% possibility to hike after the NFP today.
Komen: There's a 97% possibility to hike also Renminbi's purchase power should have come back. Bullish BTW.
Komen: Inflation is failing from monthly chart. There're two possible solutions, one, Euro cancels negative interests at once and starts to purchase; two, devaluation of the US dollar for pegging the inflation's fall till it's bottomed. Maybe there's a third way of the Renminbi's hike, but it's too far to work immediately.
Komen: This's not a signal.
There's no guarantee that the XAUUSD is going to rise according to the DXY may bounce off quickly.
Komen: The daily chart is very commercial which I seldom share it, if you guys know how to trade it please give some profits to those people who are unfortunately.
Komen: The inflation is crashing, each country and currency zone has to use it's own money policy to control it now. There's no correlation between gold and DXY and it's changing always, the technical chart is the only way to your trading success.
Komen: A reminder, do not short any Yen pairs! Guys we may have triangle breaking out.
Komen: We are now at a small cycle of the inflation leading the way situation, the future is clear soon.
Komen: On chart, XAUEUR is now holding the trend line and is completing a XWY correction. The XAU market SSI now is showing:
XAUUSD=net-short, XAUEUR=net-long(extremed), XAUAUD=net-short.
I have never seen this speculation sentiment in 2017. Traders should look at your own currency inflation very carefully. After the CAD hike, I'm following with the XAUCAD monthly hike result as an example of the other currencies hikes.
I'll publish a new inflation XAU related analysis, stay tuned...
Komen: The XAU market SSI now is showing:
XAUUSD=net-short, XAUEUR=turning into net-short( from extremed), XAUAUD=net-short. Today, all of the currency measuring XAU is arising. Traders should have paid more attentions to your own currency measured inflations in stead of the XAUUSD. For investment consideration.
Komen: The CAD hiked on 12th. July 2017 by +0.25%. Now after 1 month market adjusting the interests should have been added into the inflation of Canada in August. We're watching CAD measured XAU carefully if CAD is going weak it should help the DXY stable because of it's weighted in DXY.
Komen: A inflation reset to 0% is suggesting.
Komen: Look at XAUCNY... hedge fund manager's favorite... up or down?
Komen: This is not a trading signal.
A little squeezing into DXY, be carful with Yen here.
Komen: The XAUUSD looks like one of the highest, but the in forex market, Japanese Yen might be the highest among them...
Komen: Why the New Zealand needs a revolution? Guess what, Kiwi is gonna hike.
Komen: There's still a possibility that an small squeezing happens before an huge move. There're 4 times reset along the channel bottom:
1, Dec. 2013 (Renminbi's devaluation day, surprising? It happened early before you realized it),
2, Dec. 2014 to Feb. 2015 (BOJ/ECB mirror day, negative day),
3, Dec. 2015 (The first hike, the FRB panic day),
4, Nov. 2016 (Trump's day, correlation changing confirmation, also on July 2016, Brexit formed inflation top where has been truncated by Germany Government bunds 10Y yield negative, this is saying we're going higher with positive yield and unfulfilled targets),
If we count July's low is also a reset, then the triangle E point should have been ready to burst out. It'll be a perfect time, with Renminbi's triangle hasn't been bursted out, yet... (was very disappointed)
The good side is that Mr. Zhou will retire soon, it might be worse but we really need some new bloods no matter what happens. Mr. Jiang chaoliang has been predicted before.
Komen: Draghi: “ECB predicts the inflation will be a V shape.”
A little squeezing as predicted before, Euro can go lower until the Dec. 2017.
Komen: Watch out, V shape ahead soon.
Komen: Shine...
Komen: Too many speculators in the long side, we may need a small squeezing before the hike.
Komen: The XAUCNY is a typical 5 from 2015 to 2016 then the ABC to Trump's low, now the flag semi-triangle is about to go where?
Komen: squeezing... obviously Renminbi's inflation is too low but how the PBOC will do it without forex market? Renminbi has become a too big to fall...
Komen: A Renminbi's deposit hike or second devaluation (6.8 pegging has been predicted before) or China inflation has been predicted today, looks like the news has been leak already. People are commencing on purchasing in the city, like Brexit.
Komen: A little squeezing now...
Komen: Squeezing may last in months, double squeezing in stocks, into currencies...
Komen: almost done but have to wait...
Komen: Please see the XAUEUR chart published on 19th. Oct. Remember the V shape where ECB have warned us before. Same hike in 2015 is gonna happen soon. Virtual assets shall be squeezed after the metal, risk off mode.
Komen: Still in the squeezing process cash stay put... Renminbi may move first but have to wait for the next year.
Komen: The chart above is showing an huge abyss in the Euro zone. The ECB must have the resposibility to this manipulation failure. I believe that the negative interests will be proved an experimental failure after several decades.
The short has been trigged.
Komen: Source: FXstreet
ECB’s Vasiliauskas: Now it's a good time to start QE end debate
The European Central Bank (ECB) Governing Council member Vitas Vasiliauskas was on the wires last minutes, via Reuters, making a scheduled speech in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Key Points:
Discussion about QE end will continue in 2018.
Now it's a good time to start QE end debate.
more added "The target has been done"
---------------------------------------------- a separate line here
Very funny, after my predictions? A little be late...
With core inflation is at the edge of abysmal fall and stocks overdraw EU zone's 6 years future, they're lying on your face that a success is done? Seriously?
Komen: Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Inflation target is ECB's job too, they've failed it by using EU zone's 6 years future in 3 years very quickly. The negative thing is unnatural, we should've removed it.
Komen: A good start at the first trading day of 2018. But this move has not broken the trend line and the triangle top rail. This move looks like FRB has paused the hike on Dec.2017.
Please remember that central banks usually cause all markets crashing during the food inflation switching to the core one. When the crashing happens they will redo QE, this time maybe China would like to do it instead of USA.
The market will crash soon, especially be careful in EU zone's stocks and Euro Bunds.
Komen: It's time to clock the inflation. We're looking 10 months SMA for a trending.
Komen: The core inflation will be the key target for central banks, in 2018, this's the job to do for their trust from people.
Some forex pairs, like USDCNY could drop because of PBOC don't want to hike, they will use US dollar Vs. Chinese Renminbi rates fro controlling the China inflation. This will be a disaster, an huge mistake like negative interests.
Let's look our history on chart. The gold rose from 600 to 1900, it's 300% rising. USDCNY can't afford from 8.0 to drop to 2.666, a 300% appreciation, will destroy China output trades. The Chinese Renminbi has to hike for control it.
For EU zone, EURUSD could rise to 1.30 from 1.03, a 25% rising can't control it too. The ECB has to hike too.
Komen: The chart shown on 14th. Jan. 2018 has 2 points:
1; EU zone inflation cycle has been divided with the USA inflation cycle from 1st. Sept. 2011. After the US dollar interests hike in 2015, it's the same but USA needs more.
2; Chinese Renminbi is using wrong money policy by following Euro, the China economic cycle should've cooperated with the USA cycle.
Now we all count on the FRB hikes but if they fail you......
Komen: Break or rise? We prefer the later one, but avoid using leverage here. Stay put with cash, or buy it with 1:1 money, no loan, no borrow, no leverage, use your own money, please.
This is healthy BTW.
Komen: Traders! RISK OFF mode!
Please leave stock market or hedge your shares now!
Please look back 2015 crashing. DXY may go down to 86.50 then rises to receive capital squeezing!
1; VIX above 20 again.
2; EA crossed 1.5800 EU zone inflation may go to -2%.
3; Renminbi's devaluation like the Aug. 2015.
4; China incident on March.
Scalpers in forex market should hold short term. It's enough to avoid this kind of risk.
Komen: Be careful guys, we may have gold and silver divergence here with EURAUD crossed 1.5800 level. Something like 1990s maybe happening.
Komen: Please focus on silver, miners shares but avoiding gold.
Komen: It is beginning...
Komen: Those currencies, who are NOT ready ( ready means it has done once in deposit interests hike) for the core inflation breaking out, will suffer their stocks markets crashing badly. After those crashing, capital should squeeze into US dollar again.
Komen: On above chart, we can also find that the globalization has been ended from 2013. The core inflation among major countries around the world have been seperated badly.
Interestingly, if we zooming into weekly chart from 2015 where USA hikes, the globalization has come back... culturally speaking this's very impressive.
Komen: The Japanese Yen's money policy during 2013 is bad one, also the Euro dollar money policy during 2015 is a bad one (negative interests is a disaster).
Komen: Traders (central banks money policies makers) should pay more attentions to Japan and China core inflations breaking out to historical highs. We should result in a breaking from this rising wedge in several months.

( above chart is on a log scale)
Komen: Shall we begin?
It looks like that a big money policy from ECB will happen or the FRB pause the hike to release the inflation and help EU zone. Or they will play trade war and Italy or Brexit again. Renminbi’s deposite hike will do that but they won’t do it.
Komen: ECB should provide an opportunity here. We may have seen some signs of an human being civilization failure but not for long. We’re optimists, before the inflation failure proves itself.
If this is the failure, BTW, human civilization may pull back animals are rising. The population growth is ending during past 3 years, due to the unhealthy negative interests among major banks, especially China is still in a negative in Renminbi basic deposit interests.
Komen: Focus on the second cycle of overheat from the USA. The FRB should reboot the cycle on Sept. 2018. Please leave equities market ASAP ( check the first hike in 2015), this cycle may speed up in next year.
Komen: Technically bizarre...
Komen: The GS ratio is forming an huge top on monthly chart, we don't know who is gonna move it in the forex market yet.
Komen: Release the Kraken!
Komen: Losing control now...
Komen: We don't suggest to buy XAU here, FYI... The commodity behaves should close above 1755 as the neck line, after the close we should have a test back on the neckline again. Traders should look at some stock sectors.
Why gold is positive corelate to DXY ?
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