Week in Review: Hidden Gem

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Honorable Mentions

Some very nice work has been done this week again by the Pine community. Shout out to Covax for publishing an attractive "Bitfinex Sentiment Index", beautifully rendering longs and shorts with some creative code; mortdiggidy's "Fisher Transform MTF" includes a unique function for the MTF Fisher, which, if I'm reading it right, solves the upper timeframe repainting that's oft associated with studies; and "Relative Derivative" by byteboi is a simple modification of the RoC that's comparable across assets and smoothed with an SMA.

Dr. Do-a-lot

A scripter that some, but not enough, users of TradingView will be familiar with is RafaelZioni. He's been a user for ten months and in that time he's amassed a huge library. RafaelZioni's strengths can be seen in the details of his work and as such his broader body of work may go underappreciated, but it's worth venturing deep into some of his work if you want to learn tricks-of-the-trade. His most recent work, and the script that will be highlighted this week, is "zigzag%".

Zig-Zags in the Bag

A very famous and useful scripter by the name of RicardoSantos has published a slew of scripts for realising zig-zags on the chart, so what make this one special?

Well, for a start (and as far as I can tell), the zig-zag paints in real-time and with no lag. It can also use upper timeframe data with (as per description) no repaint. But that's not where the value lies in this script.

A problem with Pine is that we can't realise some strategy functions in studies. TradingView doesn't accommodate for this and we need to think out of the box in order to achieve fidelity. So if you look carefully in this script you'll see that RafaelZioni has done just that. We can set the backtest date, set the take-profit levels, stop-loss levels and more. For anyone who's trying to turn their strategies into studies so that they can get alerts for each action, look here for some great insight.

The script is actually an implementation of a trading strategy too. Here's an example of some results you can get.

What Else is in the Bag?

It's a jungle out there, but there's treasure deep in the dark. I advise everyone to get down and dirty with RafaelZioni's scripts. There's a very RicardoSantos-feel from his ideas and I expect that they're only going to get more creative in the future.

His "Bollinger ratio" was included in the honorable mentions list last week and is a creative way of merging Bollinger Bands with the MACD.

The eloquently named "net volume of positive and negative volume buy and sell alert" is also a fantastic way to view volume, and it comes with buy and sell alerts.

Want to learn?

If you'd like the opportunity to learn Pine but you have difficulty finding resources to guide you, take a look at this rudimentary list:

The list will be updated in the future as more people share the resources that have helped, or continue to help, them. Follow me on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the growing list of resources.

Suggestions or Questions?

Don't even kinda hesitate to forward them to me. My (metaphorical) door is always open.

Honorable Mentions