Update: $XRP in launch zone

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Expecting big gains very soon on this coin
Komen: Thinking most likely targets are going to be either around 14k or 15.5k sats
Komen: Thinking we'll see the beginning of the pump within 2-6 hours. Showing almost identical fractal to the pre-pump on may 31 before pumping to 14k, same time ranges as well
Komen: haven't sold a dime, the whales on this coin are vicious though O_O
Komen: broke support to shakeout back to the initial trend line. Savage price move especially with all of the bitcoin induced panic. I think we're finally headed up
Komen: meh, this is not looking great. Long term still has potential for uptrend, but right now it's sliding off.
Hey, thx for the info, you think this one is going up?
@lordric, Yeah. I think it is going for all time high but will have to wait for confirmation on that if it pumps through 12k. Good time to buy in now on this dip I think.
lordric Beastlorion
@Beastlorion, ok thx, hope it get to ath
lordric Beastlorion
@Beastlorion, and yeha , the whales are vicious on this one
@lordric, The whales are vicious? How so? And how many units does one have to hold to be considered a whale? Thanks
Beastlorion VolatilityRocks
@VolatilityRocks, the dump was just strong enough to break through support. I also was not expecting it to dump this far. I have absolutely no idea.
redsan Beastlorion
@Beastlorion, so what do you think is going to happen or do you still believe in your theory ;)
@redsan, Well obviously it isn't in my time frame anymore. I still think it will pump. I posted a long term chart for it a week or 2 ago that I still think it will follow.If you look at the 4 hour chart it still looks bullish. If we break above 10450 today it will probably pump then and there
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