Ripple wants to take place #2

POLONIEX:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
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1054 21
don´t short this, just try to buy cheap
Komen: poloniex ddosed again. get your cheap coins on kraken
Komen: looks like this prediction was right and ripple is aiming for higher targets. too bad i´m out
Komen: i´m kicking my ass for leaving this trade but i simply don´t trust Ripple.
22k should be hit relatively quick.
Komen: ripple bounced on both trendline and support. this might be a good entry point for a retest of 14000.
Either ABC correction with B wave from 10k-14k and then further down
Or double bottom on support after bounce

Anyway this is a good risk/reward

buy 10k
stop loss 9k
take profit 14k
why you guys "see" so much 22k 25k or more? how did you define the length of the arrow? thanks
Pato99 fineregex
@fineregex, it´s simple math. i think i made my chart pretty easy.
Just check the FIB levels and the current trend line. Once the last FIB extension was hit you can readjust FIB levels and find new targets.
For now we have a weekly and monthly rally and such rallys are not interrupted so quick.
not obvious. fibonacci level 4.236 ?! after 1.0 was already over 1000%
Pato99 fineregex
@fineregex, how can it not be obvious? it´s just numbers. numbers can do anything
well generally how can you decide the amount of fibonacci levels to be reached? If there is a second rally there most be a third but no more, why?

And specifically, what if the start was largely/mostly manipulation, is manipulation equal to real / diverse / democratic markets?
Pato99 fineregex
@fineregex, first off all the p&d scemes on most cryptos came to an end, obviously because the inflow of new fresh money is high and constant. Coins are the limiting factor no matter if it is a 8 million supply coin or 37 billion like ripple, while fiat is endless.

Because of this high and constant inflow of money we can only assume that all our methods for calling tops are not enough as the total marketcap of 60 billion is still nothing against the stockmarket or gold or anything else. it can reach 600 billion in less then a year.

Manipulation has a low impact on crypto these days (aside from the massive ddos attacks)
Coins are behaving more and more like stocks and because this market is very young and tiny sellers will lose most of the time, because they give something limited for something unlimited.
Thast why i did not short Ripple when i made the second chart. shorting is just bullshit against all the long opportunities.

@Pato99, thank. You got a bookmark/weblink to share about applying fibonacci in such specific/insane bubble situation?
Agree bubble is dangerous/unpredictable ( and i think significant part of volume may be be manipulated by whoever, organised or not, if people are not totally nuts and "really can't" wait some weeks or else get the idea to buy a few weeks earlier) .
Pato99 fineregex
@fineregex, i believe this is a bit difficult to just share a weblink. Predicting such markets requieres good intuition and knowledge. Both you acquire over years, with psychology beeing the hardest part to learn.
@Pato99 thanks:) i just meant, anything about fibonacci retractment to high levels far above 1?
so it is less simple math than mass psychology, so im back at the question why not suggest people a lower TP just to make more likely it works and avoid pushing the bubble? we could try to make markets a bit more stable than this.
@Pato99, how you call it? monster bull fiboancci? there may be probablity scores somewhere or it could be compared with other crypto bull runs
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