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Hey guys. I'm not too well versed in price prediction or drawing elliot waves or triangles and what not. But I don't see XRP breaking out until it begins to get closer to 1.70, 1.60.. How I read it, we're still looking at a down trend for the next day or so. Evening out around two days from now. This is more of a "how the public feels             about XRP" more than a technical analysis . That and because of how volatile XRP has been with these wild breakouts, everyone wants to wait for that juicy low spot again. And to add salt to the wound, there are still exchange sites either not taking in new users or suffering from over-saturation of users trying to get in on the market. Kraken was down for 2 days, Binance started taking new users again, but I've had friends still struggling to register. I do feel when it does breakout, it should surpass 2.80 and reach 3.50, 3.80. I don't believe the reaching 5.00 hype at the moment. I think 4.00 is more realistic.

If news were to come out again, for sure it would blast off. But i'm not aware of anything yet. Happy trading!

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