XRP This Drop could be spectacular

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I'm either very right or very wrong we'll see if the drop is spectacular. We've been too early on this run but in the end we'll be proven correct and we'll start buying XRP so much lower I won't even print the number here - can't handle the hate mail. #XRP $XRP #BITCOIN #CRYPTOCURRENCY #IoT
How low will she go?
london55555 barrylaney
@barrylaney, Hi Barry not to be a wise guy but we get so much pushback and nasty replies here I won't say but ill tell you this when it was at 1.24 we called for a drop to .40c it dropped to .68c but we think this drop percentage wise will be MUCH greater. As soon as we start buying ill post a chart here and you'll know that's our number but this could take a while. Tops are a process and lows an event as they say and this is the perfect example. Does anyone even understand that XRP is detached from the platform that AMEX etc are using? It has ZERO to do with it. Im not even a techie and I know that. Good luck.
barrylaney PRO london55555
@london55555, Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to future publish ideas from you.
london55555 barrylaney
@barrylaney, Thanks Barry but please keep in mind sometimes we can be very early but here's a recent one we were right one the money. GBTC at about 2800 we said it would go to 1,100 within two weeks it hit 1,154 so once in a while our timing is very correct. As to GBTC EVERY time there's a 100% premium to the underlying ( .92 GBTC ( or 1 gbtc for purposes ) = 1 Bitcoin ) it breaksdown and brings BTC along with it if even for just a short time.
barrylaney PRO london55555
@london55555, Very good! I want to learn to swing trade or day trade but seems very hard to figure out. I use fibs and not much more but that is not enough to get it right.
cryptoriches london55555
@london55555, I am sorry you had to go through so much of hate but speaking wise or otherwise. I see no reason why someone has to visit you idea and complain about ur opinion. One can agree to disagree in a cordial way. Please note other naive investors like me respect your time and knowledge and will be looking forward for your views and ideas.

Also in the same platflom want to thank and appreciate @barrylaney who shares his ideas in clear terms.
london55555 cryptoriches
@cryptoriches, Thank you.
where do you see it going down to?
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