On Balance Volume (OBV) vs Price of XRP MASSIVE Disconnect!

If we take a look at BITFINEX:XRPUSD we see that we are currently sitting at around 10% of the all time high in price.

When we compare this to On Balance Volume we see that we are currently sitting at 75% of the all time high, this is a MASSIVE disconnect!!

On Balance Volume measures the net inflow vs outflow of money into an asset, as we can see in the last pump that BITFINEX:XRPUSD has there was a HUGE amount of money that came into the asset, all while price only moved a little in comparison.


It means that there are some HUGE bulls buying Ripple, these same bulls do NOT want the price going up meaning they are in accumulation phase..

It also means that there is not a lot of money leaving BITFINEX:XRPUSD and the same can probably be said for BINANCE:XRPBTC
there are just not many sellers interested at this level.

I would keep a close eye on BITFINEX:XRPUSD moving forward as there are obviously some very rich and powerful people in on this coin, and when they want something to go up.. it goes up.


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