$XVG should be de-listed

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I told people it was a scam weeks ago. There is no 'there' there.

Total shitcoin.
Go get some treatment my friend.
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What kind of dope are you Smoking ? Sprinkle the same
owlfred overdoser
@overdoser, the only dopes are people who wasted money on shitcoin. :-)
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owlfred ESlamElsherbeny
@ESlamElsherbeny, https://github.com/vergecurrency/VERGE/commits/3.0-WraithProtocol <--- look , oh! right! there is literally no code, and the ONE developer working on this is doing nothing but tweaking icons, not actually writing code that looks anything like the code that was being promised to the people who bought the coin. It's a scam, for the gullible investors who don't understand shit about what actually makes a cryptocurrency valuable.
@owlfred, Github is not their only repo. Github is not reliable for monitory life of a project. Github is a decentralized version control, changes can be sitting locally on a devs machine until they push online. Also, if you go onto the github page, you're looking at the master branch. So that's rarely a sign of code in progress. All that work done in branches before getting merged in.

Now if you lost coin due to a third party wallet or exchange. sorry but no private key no coin. those are the crypto rules of life.
owlfred VaughnElric
@VaughnElric, LOL!!! even more proof... Show me code, or Get the #@&(#^&@* out with your scam. Code talks, your empty talk is just that. Where is Wraith? Oh. Right. It was a scam, it's always been a scam, and you're either in denial or part of the scam. There is no code. Just admit it. XVG was hyped by a pump and dump group, and you're a chump if you fell for it, and are now trying to justify it by foisting shitcoin that doesn't do any of what was promised onto other unsuspecting dupes.

I didn't lose shit to $XVG because I knew it was shitcoin as soon as i looked at it's code.
@owlfred, Well good for you. So your whole comment is pointless and you like rubbing in that you NEVER bought Verge. WOW. impressive. (clap clap clap) I just stated facts about github most people aren't unaware of and don't understand where your coming from. I understand Verge is a rebranding of DogecoinDark which is a fork of Dogecoin forked from Luckycoin forked of Litecoin forked of Bitcoin. So essentially which source code aren't you happy with? The source code your asking for is said to be in development and your asking for results now and whining about it because its not on github for your inspection. That's about the gist of it. Its like asking for bitcoin while satoshi nakamoto is working on it and then screaming scam because you don't have it and never bought into it to begin with. ONE BIG NOTHING So how the fuck is something not being on github proof of anything when Github is optional. Thats not proof of anything. However their github repo has been active with very few people working on it on a voluntary bases, so its really anybodies guess. Why the fuck would you EXPECT it to adhere to you shitty ass scrutiny.

Sure do like to throw out the common shit talk phrases like its your fucking personal banner "Shitcoin, GTFO, blaa blaa blaa" Who gives a shit what you think or what your demands are when you just the same don't provide any proof that the coin is harmful in any way or voice any concerns as to why it should be delisted like "replay protection". That would've at least been a legitimate concern. This calling it scam shit because your not happy with development speed is just sad. Even more sad since you really never buy any verge to begin with and just go from forum to forum with your shitty ass banner ""GTFO HEY HO GTFO HEY HO GTFO"
owlfred VaughnElric
#1 that would be "where YOU'RE coming from", not "where your coming from". And "YOU'RE asking for results now", not "your asking for results now" Grammar harder, n00b.

#2 Wraith was supposed to be out, and already working. Lies. Pure, unadulterated, lies. See Verge Coutdown to Wraith... https://www.reddit.com/r/vergecurrency/comments/7an1xq/vvraith_protocol_countdown_clock/

#3 that would be "adhere to your" not "that would adhere to you" see #1 about learning some fucking grammar, you illiterate loser.... Rager Harder about how your parents wasted money on your liberal arts education #LOL

#4 You are an artist. You clearly don't write any code. Go back to dreaming of fantasies, because clearly, you don't live in any semblance of reality.

#5 It is shitcoin. It will always be shitcoin, because the developers working on it clearly are not producing code people can use. Duh. Produce code that says otherwise, or STFU.

#7 Crypto is rife with bad actors. Scammers. there is a long graveyard of coins that never made it out of being worth fractions of a penny. This will be one of them.

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@owlfred, Grammer... hahaha Good job.
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