Orion Algo Strategy v2.0

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Hi everyone.

I decided to make the latest Orion Algo open to people. I don't have enough time to work on it lately, so I figured it would be best that everyone can have it to work on it. I took out some stuff from the original but it should give an idea on how things work. I made two strategies with this so far so you can use that to come up with your own. I recommend the DCA strategy because it gives you the most bang for Orion Algo's buck. It's pretty good at finding long entries.

Overall I hope you guys like this one. Also, Banano is the best crypto currency :)


Orion Algo is a trading algorithm designed to help traders find the highs and lows of the market before, during, and after they happen. We wanted to give an indicator to people that was simple to use. In fact we created the algorithm in such a way that it currently only needs a single input from the user. Since no indicator can predict the market perfectly, Orion should be used as just another tool (although quite a sharp one) for you to trade with. Fundamental knowledge of price action and TA should be used with Orion Algo.

Being an oscillator, Orion currently has a bias towards market volatility . So you will want to be trading markets over 30% volatility . We have plans to develop future versions that take this into account and adjust automatically for dead conditions. Also, while there are some similarities across all oscillators, what sets ours apart is the prediction curve. The prediction curve looks at the current signal values and gives it a relative score to approximate tops and bottoms 1-2 bars ahead of the signal curve. We also designed a velocity curve that attempts to predict the signal curve 2+ bars ahead. You can find the relative change in velocity in the Info panel. The bottom momentum wave is based on the signal curve and helps find overall market direction of higher time-frames while in a lower one.

Settings and How to Use them:

User Agreement – Orion Algo is a tool for you to use while trading. We aren’t responsible for losses OR the gains you make with it. By clicking the checkbox on the left you are agreeing to the terms.

Super Smooth – Smooths the main signal line based on the value inside the box. Lower values shift the pivot points to the left but also make things more noisy. Higher values move things to the right making it lag a bit more while creating a smoother signal. 8 is a good value to start with.

Theme – Changes the color scheme of Orion.

Dashboard – Turns on a dashboard with useful stats, such as Delta v, Volatility , Rsi , etc. Changing the value box will move the dashboard left and right.

Prediction – A secondary prediction model that attempts to predict a reversal before it happens (0-2bars). This can be noisy some times so make your best judgement. Curve will toggle a curve view of the prediction. Pivots will toggle bull/bear dots.

∆v – Delta v (change in velocity). This shows momentum of the signal. Crossing 0 signals a reversal. If you see the delta v changing direction, it may signify a reversal in the several bars depending on the overall momentum of the market.

Momentum Wave – Uses the signal as a macro trend indicator. Changes in direction of the wave can signify macro changes in the market. Average will toggle an averaging algorithm of the momentum waves and makes it easy to understand.


Simple - Just buy and sell on the dots

DCA - Uses the settings in the script for entries. If a buy dot appears then it will buy, if the price goes below the percentage it will wait for another dot before entering. This drastically improves DCA potential.
Nota Keluaran:
Added simple alerts and volatility (this one may need to be changed later to something more accurate)
Nota Keluaran:
As I was converting this to python I noticed I made a mathematical boo boo. Made the fix here as well. Should get signals faster now
Nota Keluaran:
Added ability to turn off sections of the math. Now you can fine tune orion per timeframe.
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