MTF SCALP Price Action

its just for personal use of my own.
if you want to use this indicator, use it at your own responsibility. but just remember its a SCALP strategy and must be used on 5M timeframe.

Long/Short Conditions :
last 1H,30M,15M and 5M candle close on same direction.

I will back test this indicator and if it worth it i will write turn it to a strategy.

PS: i'm new to pinescript coding. so, sorry for my bad coding. if you have any suggestions to improve my coding skills i will be very thankful if you share it with me.
Catatan Pelepasan: Whats new :
1. Now you can change time resolution for each candle stick in option menu. (LL Largest time frame >> L >> S >> SS Shortest time frame)
2. added one more condition for confirmation signal. for example if you use default time resolutions for candle sticks (1H,30M,15M,5M) and set your chart timeframe to 1M, it will wait until 1M candle closes in same direction of higher timeframe candles and then put the Long/Short signal on the chart.
Catatan Pelepasan: Additional Signal Confirmation ON/OFF option added to setting menu.
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