Implied Orderblock Breaker (Zeiierman)

The Implied Order Block Breaker (Zeiierman) is a tool designed to identify enhanced order blocks with imbalances. These enhanced order blocks represent areas where there is a rapid price movement. Essentially, this indicator uses order blocks and suggests that a swift price movement away from these levels, breaking the current market structure, could indicate an area that the market has not correctly valued. This technique offers traders a unique method to identify potential market inefficiencies and imbalances, serving as a guide for potential price revisits.

The indicator doesn't scan for imbalances in the traditional sense — where there's an absence of trades between two price levels — but instead, it identifies quick movements away from key levels that suggest where an imbalance might exist. Relying on crossovers and cross-unders in conjunction with pivot points and examining the high/low within the same period provides an innovative method for traders to spot these potentially undervalued or overvalued areas in the market. These inferred imbalances can be crucial for traders looking for price levels where the market might make significant moves.

How It Works
  • Crossover: The closing price of a bar crosses above a pivot high, which is an indication that buyers are in control and pushing the price upwards.
  • New Low Within Period: There is a lower low within the same period as the pivot high. This suggests that after setting a high, the market pulled back to set a new low, potentially leaving a price gap on the way up as the price quickly recovers.

  • Crossunder: The closing price of a bar crosses under a pivot low, indicating that sellers are taking control and driving the price down.
  • New High Within Period: There is a higher high within the same period as the pivot low. This condition suggests that the market rallied to a new high before falling back below the pivot low, potentially leaving a gap on the way down.

How to Use
The enhanced order blocks are often revisited, and the price may aim to 'fill' the potential imbalance created by the rapid price movement, thereby presenting traders with potential entry or exit points. This approach aligns with the idea that imbalances are frequently revisited by the market, and when combined with the context of Order Blocks, it provides even more confluence.

Here, if the price drops rapidly after setting a new high—crossing under the pivot low—it may skip over certain price levels, creating a 'gap' that signifies an area where the price might have been overvalued (imbalance), which the market may revisit for a potential price correction or revaluation.

  • Period: Determines the number of bars used for identifying pivot highs and lows. A higher value gives more significant but less frequent signals, while a lower value increases sensitivity but might give more false positives.
  • Pivot Surrounding: Specifies the number of candles to analyze around a pivot point. Increasing this value broadens the analysis range, potentially capturing more setups but possibly including less significant ones.


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