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This is type of custom screener I searched and made to screen bulk stocks any one can modify it, other may get help out of it.
in my code i have made defined
1. uptrend= ema (close,55)> ema (close,144) and ema (close,144)> ema (close,388) and ema (close,388)> ema (close,576) and close>ema(close,388)
2. downtrend = ema (close,55)< ema (close,144) and ema (close,144)< ema (close,388) and ema (close,388)<ema(close,576) and close<ema(close,388)
if the indicator is printing DOWNTREND=TRUE or UPTREND=TRUE then the corresponding stock is in currently in that trend out of the stocks listed in the code
in one code only 40 (max) stocks can be called.
to add more stocks I copied same code and changed the stocks in the code, now you can screen 80 stocks at a time.
This code runs on each bar and checks if the stocks is in uptrend or down trend.
you can customize this screener according to your requirement.
//thanks @QuantNomad from where i solved my problem of screening my top stock for custom trend screener
//idea and motivation taken from
after adding another code you can screen 80 stocks at a time and so on , below following link is how it will look like
Catatan Pelepasan: added close price when uptrend was true last time.
Catatan Pelepasan: updated better user interface and added only uptrend in it. 40 stock can be screened in this once at a time. thanks to Sri for recommending these changes.
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An enthusiast Engineer and trader. I code my strategies in pine script.DM me or Mail Me for any Info at, you can donate me at PayPal on mentioned mail.


Wonderful, how did you manage to avoid the error "Unable to resolve symbol_NSE" . I have tried coding a screener type script , but facing some issues. i'm unable to accomodate more than 20 stocks .
MarkBench manojm4
@manojm4, You can use the security() function a max of 40 times in any script.
@manojm4, use "NSE:" prefix before symbol for NSE listed stocks, This should not generate any error.
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