EMA Scenery

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Personal experiment using simple ema calculation to create a scenery of "mountains".

1. First mountain ( darker opacity ) = ema5 - ema20
2. Second mountain ( medium opacity ) = ema20 - ema50
3. Third mountain ( light opacity ) = ema50 - sma200

There's no buy or sell signal from this indi . But we can see the overall trend reflects by the mountain highs and lows which can be used as a guide to see the big pictures of how the stocks move.
This is my 1st stage and I plan to improve it in the next stage.

Examples of how the indicator look is as below :
Downtrend Chart

Uptrend Chart

Uptrend Trend change to Down Trend
Catatan Pelepasan: Added Golden Cross (GC) Signal :
- GC act as a positive sign that counter will be moving higher.
- represented by the green circle
- new Table Info when GC happens

There are 4 GC included :
GC1 = crossover ema5 and ema10
GC2 = crossover ema10 and ema20
GC3 = crossover ema20 and ema50
GC4 = crossover ema50 and sma200
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