RSI Histogram

This an experiment to visualise the famous RSI indicator within a Histogram.
Opposed to regular RSI this RSI is plotted into a Histogram and uses different scales (100 to -100), in addition it has the ability to smooth the RSI with various moving averages like HMA , JMA and KAMA .

About RSI:
The RSI measures recent performance of a given stock against its own price history performance, by combining the average gain or loss a particular security owns over a predetermined time period. 

Bars can be colored in Settings (Disabled by default)

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This is amazing! Could you add the OB/OS lines for the RSI as well in line mode?
Thanks. I added this to my favorite scripts and will try using it to spot divergences. Is that its primary purpose or is there more to it than that?
dman103 Skipper86
@Skipper86, Hey, Yes, you can use it to spot divergences, it's basically an RSI plotted as an histogram with different scales including the ability to smooth the result with a Moving average.
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