Simple indicator for current price times current volume .

Two default signal

Green Bar with Blue Diamond - look for potential entry

Red Bar with Black Diamond - look for potential sell

Combine with Trendband Guide or Trendband Naked indicator for better result
Catatan Pelepasan: Change Name
Catatan Pelepasan: - Update to Pine Script Version 4

- add alertcondition for bullish and bearish signal with custom message
Catatan Pelepasan: Background color for syariah/non-syariah stock for Bursa Malaysia
Catatan Pelepasan: Update syminfo.prefix for tradingview free account user
Catatan Pelepasan: - Add text for Syariah and Non-Syariah
- New input including group and inline features
Catatan Pelepasan: Add option to change bar color for bullish and bearish signal
Catatan Pelepasan: change default bar color
Catatan Pelepasan: Shariah and nonshariah list updated until MAY 2021, ONLY FOR MALAYSIA MARKET.
Change info label into display panel.
Change bullish bar color to lime and bearish bar color to grey.
Catatan Pelepasan: 18 October 2021
- convert to v5
- shariah status using import from library
import BURSATRENDBANDCHART/bursamalaysianonshariah/3
- remove panel color bg
- replace with text color (shariah- green, nonshariah-red, others -blue)
- add any alert for bull and bear signal
Catatan Pelepasan: add remark for :
MC - Market Cap
RE - Revenue
NM - Net Margin
Catatan Pelepasan: - get sector using library from Lanzhu506
- option to display sector
Catatan Pelepasan: Update to latest library for new Shariah-Compliant 26 NOV 2021

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