[RS]Gold to Custom Currency V0

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Request for: sankar2389
Gold conversion from dollar to INR and to grams.
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study(title='[RS]Gold to Custom Currency V0', shorttitle='G', overlay=false)
grams_in_troy_ounces = 31.103
currency = input(title='Dollar Vs Currency desired to list gold:', type=string, defval='FX_IDC:USDINR', confirm=false)
gold_in_dollars = security('FX_IDC:XAUUSD', period, close)
dollars_in_currency = security(currency, period, close)
gold_oz_in_currency = gold_in_dollars * dollars_in_currency
gold_gm_in_currency = gold_oz_in_currency / grams_in_troy_ounces

plot(title='Oz', series=gold_oz_in_currency, color=black, transp=0, trackprice=true)
plot(title='Gm', series=gold_gm_in_currency, color=teal, transp=0, trackprice=true)