Combo Strategy 123 Reversal & Extracting The Trend

This is combo strategies for get a cumulative signal.

First strategy
This System was created from the Book "How I Tripled My Money In The
Futures Market" by Ulf Jensen, Page 183. This is reverse type of strategies.
The strategy buys at market, if close price is higher than the previous close
during 2 days and the meaning of 9-days Stochastic Slow Oscillator is lower than 50.
The strategy sells at market, if close price is lower than the previous close price
during 2 days and the meaning of 9-days Stochastic Fast Oscillator is higher than 50.

Second strategy
Extracting The Trend
The related article is copyrighted material from Stocks & Commodities Mar 2010

- For purpose educate only
- This script to change bars colors.
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Thank you for sharing your expertise and code. What do you think are reasonable bounds for the inputs when optimizing as a strategy? Do you optimize all inputs at once or groups them together in sets? Here are the inputs: Length, KSmoothing, DLength, Level, LengthETT, Delta, Trigger

Thank you!
HPotter demingdr
@demingdr, No, I do not test for all.
Hi, how can i connect this streategy to the paper trading account in order to see the transanctions done automatically?

Thank you! Amazing strategy
So green bars are a buy and red a sell. Whats the blue bars represent and which settings work best for which markets?
demingdr DEAD_HUNTER
@DEAD_HUNTER, in a strategy, the blue bars are a flat position. So simply close your long and short trades on a blue bar. Then resume trading on the next green (go long) or red (go short) bar.
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