Greetings Traders! I have decided to release a few scripts as open-source as I'm sure others can benefit from them and perhaps make them better.(Be sure to check my Profile for the other scripts as well:
This one is called Projection.

Projection is based off the same Principle as some of my other scripts, such as Trade Manager( and Price Predictor( I use a simple concept using to define some potential Price Projections. From the Settings of the Indicator, you can access a couple different Pre-Set options.

Wide Parabola:

Skinny Parabola:

Straight Triangle:



I wanted to give a Special Thanks to @Pinecoders for the custom RoundToTick Function from Backtesting/Trading Engine --> (

If you like Projection, be sure to Like, Follow, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to drop a comment below.
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