Smooth Strategy

This strategy utilizes a smoothed moving average to identify the current trend on the resolution being viewed. The trend is also the signal for entries and occasional exits. The majority of exits will be determined using an additional smoothed moving average of shorter length. There is much more to come for this one, but it seems to be working fantastically in it's current state. Please let me know if you have any questions or recommendations. Thanks for checking it out! :D

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Catatan Pelepasan: **Updated entry logic**
Catatan Pelepasan: ***Updates***
- Entry Logic
- Trend Logic

- Take Profit
- Trailing Stop
- Stop Loss
- Margin Call

***NOTE: Previous version had commission percent set to 0. This latest update has a default commission percent of 0.2%***
Catatan Pelepasan: Made some final adjustments to the entry logic. Trades are entered when prices closes above or below the "Trend MA". Exit MA will be used as an exit when price closes below while long or closes above while short. All functions of this strategy can be used independently or together.

Next will be an Autoview companion script.
Catatan Pelepasan: ***Updates***
- Adjusted exit logic to exit trades when price closes above/below the Exit MA (depending if long or short), regardless of current trend direction.
- Removed the default setting that re-calculates the script upon order fill, as it was skewing backtest results.

- Added the option to use a multi-TF trend filter to determine the type of trade to enter, e.g. longs or shorts.
Catatan Pelepasan: This is a complete overhaul. You can still use only smoothed MAs, but you also have the choice of various other MA types. There are 2 trend filters, a moving average and time frame of your choice and/or an ADX filter. Also included is the TP levels, trailing stop, stop-loss, margin call and back test range. Please comment with any questions or issues.
Catatan Pelepasan: This small update just adjust the close logic in the crossunder/over function from an SMMA to the MA chosen as Moving Average 1.

There is an Autoview companion script, "Smooth Strategy - Alerts," that can be used to automate your preferred configuration. Check out to learn more. Sign-up with this code, L87H2-KMGNQ-7GA0X, to save 10% on your subscription!
Catatan Pelepasan: Updated close logic. Previously trades would close when price closed over/under MA1. Current logic will now close trade when MA1 closes over/under MA2.
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