[fikira] Harmonic Patterns TEST

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As requested a TEST script when possible future
Harmonic Patterns may occur, in this case the ABCD pattern .

When A, B, C are valid, the script will plot 2 lines between A-B and B-C, together with
2 white arrows,,where D MUST be in the future to become a valid ABCD pattern .

First of all, D MUST be a Pivot point , after which D must lay between D- and D+

In a Bearish example D- is the minimal value of D, D+ the maximum value of D.
In a Bullish example D- is the maximum value of D, D+ the minimum value of D,
either way, D must be between these 2 lines.

Since we don't know when the next possible Pivot point will occur, the white arrows
won't predict where it will happen, it just shows the max and min value.

If it doesn't become a valid ABCD Pattern , the lines just stay that way, when a valid ABCD pattern
occurs, more lines will be plotted, together with the Targets.

Do mind, the script adds a lot of lines, since there is a maximum of lines, only the last ones will
be plotted, the rest can be made visible by using the "Replay" button

Also, the script measures Pivot Points , it is not always perfect, do your own research and
see for yourself if a valid pattern is also valid for you!

Thank you!
Open-source script

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hello F, I wrote this for prediceting the harmonic whole yestonight,but I fail.It's too difficult for me .And also the crab,butterfly,bat,it's so crazy.THX for sharing the idea!
fikira yaodoodoo
@yaodoodoo, Thanks!
phew... what an effort. Thank you.
fikira idrisbengali
@idrisbengali, Thank you!
pas compris grand chose
fikira hamidoulak1973

Here we see A, B & C, but where must D be to get a valid ABCD pattern?

Hope this helps!
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@fikira, yes i understand
fikira hamidoulak1973
@hamidoulak1973, Great!
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