Volume Wave 7vFTJR20

This is the new fully auto-adjusted wave volume, there is no other indicator like this, if you know richard wyckoff techniques, this indicator will facilitate each wave of your various assets.

1.0 -
Most indicators use (fixed) candle count or pivo point to convert a buy or sell wave, this indicator uses the concept of candles, if candles and aggressive volume start to find regions on top or bottom, it is already close to enter a countertrend and reverse the wave.

1.1 -
-You have hundreds of options to change the wave, just changing 2 fields "Types" and "Adjustment".

Note: the indicator automatically updates the secondary wave!

For over a year I've come up with a default Types="1" and Adjustment="0.6"

Feel free to change this pattern, the range for types is huge, but particularly I use the default for 90% of assets I analyze for any timeframe.
if you find something better, leave it in the comments to share with other users.

1.2 - The option "Use weighted volume within the wave" changes the real volume within each wave to the average volume within each wave, it is a very good strategy to use in assets that do not have liquidity or in smaller timeframes.

Usage strategy:

*Note: it is necessary to use the financial volume indicator (standard) to identify the divergences within the waves.

2.0 - The concept of the indicator is to measure the financial volume in each wave of the asset, it adds the volume in each candle and accumulates within each wave of the indicator, in theory, the more volume within this wave, the more money involved in this region of price.

2.1 - The indicator has 2 fractal meters, a shorter wave and a longer wave, let's call the primary short wave and the secondary long wave.

*The longer wave is positioned at the bottom, it takes longer and there may be fall situations inside it, an example of this is when we are inside a B wave of an ABC within a larger time frame (ex: Diary).

2.2 - The primary wave (Short) is faster, it oscillates within the secondary wave.

2.3 - The Secondary (Long) wave takes longer, it tends to dictate the trend of the asset when the primary is in the same color as the secondary AT THE BEGINNING OF THE TREND, that is, after two secondary waves in red (sell) and a blue wave short between the two red ones, there is the "PROBABILITY" of the tendency to become an extremely buyer, this also happens in the opposite, two buyer waves have the "PROBABILITY" of becoming a seller.

Another example:

note: in the description above I mentioned a range or corrective movement, to have a healthy view, it is highly recommended to learn about what is a corrective or impulsive wave... for beginners, a quick explanation, understand that corrective is two movements( ABC) and impulsive are three in the countertrend (*3 in the trend direction and two correctives total 5 waves), so they can contain 3 waves within a blue wave within the indicator, you will need to understand this concept!

2.4 - After understanding the above concepts, take advantage of my indicators in the future I will include the aggressor volume within each buyer and seller wave.

*The secret of reversal is 3 moves with a candle with greater volume inside wave C or
end of seller flow without bars of volume greater than the average within a wave 5, these characteristics represent the end of the trend!

2.5 - I left a pre-fixed default configuration that I use, feel free to test other patterns, I tested it on various assets, mainly in futures markets for 1 year.

- I like your feedback and leave your settings and experiences in the comments.

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