CPR - Central Pivot Range (by Alex L.)

CPR or Central Pivot Range is a tool for identifying a trend, its volatility and its future targets for the price levels (in up or down directions).

What this indicator offers:
- Main purpose of this indicator is to display levels of support/resistance in a given trend as potentially good levels of entering into position or existing from a position. Entry levels are RED, resistance levels are in GREEN.
- You have the ability to view daily, weekly, monthly pivot levels, depending on what kind of trader you are.
- Unique to this indicator - you have the ability to view YEARLY pivot levels.
- Unique to this indicator - you have the "Pivots History" option to either show all history or just the recent piriod to make your chart clean of "noise".
- Unique to this indicator - you can view "future" pivot levels based on current price.
- You have the ability to view "future pivots" which can be useful as entry or exit levels for the current trend.
- You have the ability to view one, two, three or four pivor levels concurrently depending on how much information you want on your chart.
- You have the option to use "Compact View" to further reduce "noise" and make your chart event more clean.
- Open source.

Some guidelines:
- When current Central Pivot Range is higher than previous Central Pivot Range then the stock is in an uptrend and vice versa.
- Wide Central Pivot Range usually means the stock is in a "sideways trend" and volatility is low.
- Tight Central Pivot Range usually means the stock has a very low volatility and is about to explode (up or down). Switching to a higher timeframe can often give hints to what direction the stock is likely to go.

Default settings:
- Pivot Levels : "Two Pivot Levels"
- Filter/Hide Pivots: "Hide Pivot+BC+TC"
- Pivots History: "Few Months Back"
'V' Show Monthly Pivots
'V' Show Future Pivots

Calculations of pivot levels formula is according to book "Secrets of a Pivot Boss" by Franklin O. Ochoa.
Quote from the book: "The way to make money is to make it. The way to make big money is to be right at exactly the right time."

Open source.
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