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This indicator is a hybrid of super trend and percent zigzag of Ricardo Santos
The trend up seem by green dots
Trend down seen by red dots
and the zigzag line red or green
I Set this one for 1 hour chart , try to play with settings for better optimization
So it nice system to detect trends
Happy new year to all members of TradingView
Dec 29
Catatan Pelepasan: I made big mistake for author contribution, thanks for sal for correcting me as I took his % zigzag code for this creation
So link is for his code is
Dec 30
Catatan Pelepasan: add signal and alerts
Jan 03
Catatan Pelepasan: add fib donchian system
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I can confirm that this does indeed repaint.

1. Creating an alert warns you.
2. Using these settings: muliplier=0.1, period=20, percent=0.2 with XAG and XAU on 15 min, I set up alerts (per bar close) overnight and looked at them this morning. There were 4 alerts of which triggered but nothing is on the chart at that specific time.
@RafaelZioni is that something you can look into?
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4 hour setup
+3 Balas
Analysing your script I see you have defined 4 variables st_mult, st_period, up_lev, dn_lev, but haven't used them
Try to change lines 6, 7 and 14 like this:
st_mult = input(title="ATR Multiplier", defval=1.5, minval=0, maxval=10, step=0.1,type=float ) //line 6
st_period = input(title="ATR Period", defval=5, minval=1, maxval=14, step=1,type=integer ) //line 7
percent = st_mult * atr( st_period )/close //line 14
This way, percent is adaptable to the volatility and you can change the time frame without wasting time finding the best parameter.
Credits go to Sylvain Vervoort in an article on the S&C magazine June 2013.
RafaelZioni sal157011
@sal157011, cool, i will check this up , thanks fir remarks , wish you the best
does it repaint?
RafaelZioni grrr_ypto
Appreciated for your great works; Happy New Year =D
Wish you a happy and profitable new year. God bless you
Happy New Year!
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