Whale alert

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The purpose of this indicator is to detect when whales are around and draw a vertical line on hourly chart. But how do we detect them? By analyzing behavior. Usually whales scale in/out of positions a few days in a row and they also trade at the same time every day, because they are whales and don't care, they can move then market whenever they want.

Based on the above assumptions, this indicator checks:

1. hourly volume, it has to be 3 x the MA(volume) for last 14 days (of course 3 and 14 are configurable in settings and need to be tuned individually for each pair)
2. the same hour of the day (10am UTC) for the past 3 days looking for #1 condition.

We can easily see on chart that a whale was present at 10am UTC for two days in a row, they went short yesterday and long today (May 6th). Also, we can zoom out and see the same whale traded at 10am many times in the past.

Can't wait for 10am tomorrow and watch out, whales are around :)
Nota Keluaran:
- rename input fields to be self-explanatory
- add a few comments
Nota Keluaran:
Changes to make the indicator work on 4h timeframe and more configurable, you can customize magnitude of volume spike and MA length for both 1h and 4h.

We can easily see in the chart below that a whale did hit on 11/30 (in red), 12/02 (in blue) and last 12/03 (in black) at 16:00 UTC then market started to crash.

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