Dollar Cost Average (Data Window Edition)

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Hi everyone

Hope you had a nice weekend and you're all excited for the week to come. At least I am (thanks to a few coffee but that still counts !!!)

This indicator is inspired from Dollar-Cost-Average-Cost-Basis


The educational post is coming a bit later this afternoon explaining how to use the indicator so I would advise to follow me so that you'll get updated in real-time :) (shameless self-advertising)

1 - What is Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)?

Dollar-Cost Averaging is a strategy that allows an investor to buy the same dollar amount of an investment on regular intervals. The purchases occur regardless of the asset's price.
I hope you're hungry because that one is a biggie and gave me a few headaches. Happy that it's getting out of my way finally and I can offer it
This indicator will analyse for the defined date range, how a dollar cost average (DCA) method would have performed vs investing all the hard earnt money at the beginning

2- What's on the menu today ?

Please check this screenshot to understand what you're supposed to see : CLICK ME I'M A SCREENSHOT (I'll repeat this URL one more time below as I noticed some don't read the information on my description and then will come pinging me saying "sir me no understand your indicator, itz buggy sir"
(yes I finally thought about a way to share screenshots on TradingView, took me 4 weeks, I'm slow to understand things apparently)

My indicator works with all asset classes and with the daily/weekly/monthly timeframes

As always, let's review quickly the different fields so that you'll understand how to use it (and I won't get spammed with questions in DM ^^)
- Use current resolution : if checked will use the resolution of the chart
- Timeframe used for DCA : different timeframe to be used if Use current resolution is unchecked
- Amount invested in your local currency : The amount in Fiat money that will be invested at each period selected above
- Starting Date
- Ending Date
- Select a candle level for the desired timeframe : If you want to use the open or close of the selected period above. Might make a diffence when the timeframe is weekly or monthly

3 - Specifications used

I got the idea from this website https://dcabtc.com and the result shown by this website and my indicator are very interesting in general and for your own trading
The formula used for the DCA calculation is that one : Investopedia Dollar Cost Average

4 - How to interpret the results

"But sir which results ??"...... those ones : CLICK ME I'M A SCREENSHOT :) (strike #2 with the screenshot)
It will draw all the plots and will give you some nice data to analyze in the Data Window section of TradingView
I'm not completely satisfied with the tool yet but the results are very closed to the dcabtc website mentioned above

If you're trading a very bullish asset class (who said crypto ?), it's very interesting to see what a DCA strategy could bring in term of performance. But DCA is not magic, there is a time component which is the day/week/month you'll start to invest (those who invested in crypto beginning of 2018 in altcoins know what I'm talking about and ..............will hate me for this joke)

5 - What's next ?

As said, the educational post is coming next but not only.
Will probably post a strategy tomorrow using this indicator so that you can compare what's performing best between your trading and a dollar cost average method
I'll publish as a protected source this time a more advanced version of that one including DCA forecasts

6 - Suggested alternative (but I'll you doing it)

If you don't want to have this panel in the bottom with the plots and analyze the results in the data window, you can always create an infopanel like shown here Risk-Reward-InfoPanel/ and display all the data there

Hope you'll like it, like me, love it, love me, tip me :)


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