[ChasinAlts] SuppRe-me Zones

Hello fellow tradeurs, I couldn't find one similar on TV so wanted to make it.. Took me a little while to figure some things out as I am in new coding territory with this script. I had a hard time finding ways to make only a partial zone/box disappear if price only crossed part of it. Nonetheless, I figured it out so I hope you enjoy the outcome. Now, allow me to take a second to first explain the utility that is this script...or at least expose my reasoning when I decided to go ahead with this little project and take the precious time necessary to learn parts of pine that I did not previously know how to deal with. Ultimately, I built this for the 1s-15s TF(except for the "Consecutive Bars/Large Bars" Boxes...Those were meant to use on both these second TFs and Higher TFs....). The reasoning behind all of this was to give me a more definitive answer to all of my questions regarding the speed at which it would take price to revisit areas that it very abruptly went to/left on a VERY short TF (like the 1sec charts)...or even if it EVER would). To determine this I wanted to draw lines starting at the end of large wicks, draw boxes spanning the entire span of large wicks, and lastly to draw boxes spanning the entire span of very large bodies. For this last one, not only did I want to draw a box on a single candle that possessed a large body but also if there were consecutive red candles in a row, their bodies could be summed up and if this summation exceeds the minimum body % threshold then it too counts just like a single large candled body would if it was larger than the threshold. All in all I really enjoyed this script and most importantly the data that it produces. What I found after coding the script was that (again on the 1 sec- 15 sec charts) was that price very quickly (relatively speaking I suppose) came back over these box/zoned areas and that the lines drawn from the tip of the large wicks would at some point in the near future act as very good support and resistance for price to either bounce off of or breakout from.

Now, with each of these objects you can choose to delete them when price crosses the object or have them continuously drawn on the chart...your call...but it gets awful messy sometimes if you let them continue printing.

Peace and love people...peace and love,

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