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This script allows you to intercept price channel breakouts ( Donchian channel) in a bullish perspective. Applicable both on Equities/ETFs and on Futures (Index Futures ).

We open a position when closes crosses the upper channel. The trade ends with a trailing associated with a fast lower Donchian or a monetary stop loss.

It is an educational code and does not constitute a solicitation for public savings.
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hello is possible try this script?
Dear Bro,
It is great for your script.

However, could you please advise me that in case i want to get the highest value on the 20 consecutive bars in the range from the 4th to the 23rd index inclusive on the current chart, how must i do?

Thank you in advance.
I ask you to help a little with your strategy, and add your script, if possible. 1. The ability to set the period from and to. 2. Trailing stop set as a percentage rather than money. 3.Add the ability to enable disable shorts. Thanks.
Good afternoon, great strategy. no redraws. Try your strategy on bnb / btc 2h!
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