Moving Average Properties

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This indicator calculates and visualizes the Relative Smoothness (RS) and Relative Lag (RL) or call it accuracy of a selected moving average (MA) in comparison to the SMA of length 2 (the lowest possible length for a moving average and also the one closest to the price).

Median RS (Relative Smoothness):
Interpretation: The median RS represents the median value of the Relative Smoothness calculated for the selected moving average across a specified look-back period (max bar lookback is set at 3000).
Significance: A more negative (larger) median RS suggests that the chosen moving average has exhibited smoother price behavior compared to a simple moving average over the analyzed period. A less negative value indicates a relatively choppier price movement.

Median RL (Relative Lag):

Interpretation: The median RL represents the median value of the Relative Lag calculated for the selected moving average compared to a simple moving average of length 2.
Significance: A higher median RL indicates that the chosen moving average tends to lag more compared to a simple moving average. Conversely, lower values suggest less lag in the selected moving average.

Ratio of Median RS to Median RL:

Interpretation: This ratio is calculated by dividing the median RS by the median RL.
Significance: Traders might use this ratio to assess the balance between smoothness and lag in the chosen moving average. This a measure of for every % of lag what is the smoothness achieved. This can be used a benchmark to decide what length to choose for a MA to get an equivalent value between two stocks. For example a TESLA stock on a 15 minute time frame with a length of 12 has a value (ratio of RS/RL) of -150 , where as APPLE stock of length 35 on a 15 minute chart also has a value (ratio of RS/RL) of -150.
I imply that a MA of length 12 working on TESLA stock is equivalent to MA of length 35 on a APPLE stock. (THIS IS A EXAMPLE).

My assumption is that finding the right moving average length for a stock isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. It's not just about using a fixed length; it's about adapting to the unique characteristics of each stock. I believe that what works for one stock might not work for another because they have different levels of smoothness or lag in their price movements. So, instead of applying the same length to all stocks, I suggest adjusting the length of the moving average to match the values that we know work best for achieving the desired smoothness or lag or its ratio (RS/RL). This way, we're customizing the indicator for each stock, tailoring it to their individual behaviors rather than sticking to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Users can choose from various types of moving averages (EMA, SMA, WMA, VWMA, HMA) and customize the length of the moving average. RS measures the smoothness of the MA, while RL measures its lag compared to a simple moving average. The script plots the median RS and RL values, the selected MA, and the ratio of median RS to median RL on the price chart. Traders can use this information to assess the performance of different moving averages and potentially inform their trading decisions.
Nota Keluaran:
Updates the order in which the values are displayed. First RS, then RL, Ratio (RS/RL) and finally the MA value. Also select only one of the MA options cannot select more than one option.
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